The Complete Guide To Great Landing Pages

3 ratings
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The Complete Guide To Great Landing Pages

Craig Barber
3 ratings

What people are saying about the guide:

5 star rating!

"I love books with actionable tips and The Complete Guide To Great Landing Pages is full of them. If you're building your first landing page, or your 10th you'll find lots of great advice."

Mubashar Iqbal, Maker, Indie SaaS

"Craig has turned his extensive research of this crucial business subject into an actionable piece of content that is a must read."

Bram Kanstein, Entrepreneur, No Code MVP

"A great insight on how top designers produce landing pages. A balance of UX, marketing and content that will help you think of your users first."

Iosif Matyas, Product Designer, Google

"From fundamentals through to the more advanced stuff. This is a must read for anyone who is serious about getting results."

Asavin Wattanajantra, Business Writer, Sage

"Craig Barber's straight forward approach to landing page design helped me step into my customers shoes and write copy that connected with them. Thanks to this book, I now look forward to working on landing pages for my clients!"

Ian Carr, Director of Marketing, Tulip Conference

"It's an amazing book. The knowledge is gonna help me a lot with my startup's webpage. I recommend everyone check it out."

Edgar Perez, Web Designer, Sensei Web

Who is this book for?

  • Indie hackers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Makers
  • Founders
  • Product Managers
  • Growth Hackers

What will I learn?

  • How to increase click through rates on landing pages
  • How to increase conversion rates on landing pages
  • How to write better copy for your landing pages
  • What images to use on your landing page
  • What buttons, pricing tables and layouts to use on your landing page

A total of 12 chapter, and 70 pages in the book

Packed with insights, tips and examples

  • Introduction
  • Landing page fundamentals
  • Optimising your copy for more conversions
  • How to use images to maximise conversions
  • Optimising call to actions for maximum conversions
  • Optimising page elements for maximum conversions
  • Optimising pricing for maximum conversions
  • Optimising forms for maximum conversions
  • Using social proof to increase conversions
  • Advanced ways to increase conversions
  • Following up
  • Conclusion

About the author

Craig Barber is an entrepreneur, designer and user experience designer with over 20 years experience in creating high converting websites and landing pages. He has worked with global brands including PayPal, Apple and Sony. He now runs his own startup called Logobly.com, a logo maker for startups.

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12 Chapters
70 pages


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