Design Folio Firestarter

Craig Barber
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Designers! Stop getting ignored by recruiters

Optimise your folio with the industry-proven Design Folio Firestarter playbook today

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🔥 Stop getting ignored by recruiters

🔥 Double your callbacks

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What you get:

🚀 24 fast and furious folio fix-ups

🚀 Proven copy frameworks

🚀 Cheat sheets and examples

🚀 Easy-to-follow instructions

🚀 Backed by no-risk 100% 'Get a Gig' money-back guarantee

No-risk 100% 'Get a Gig' money-back guarantee

My Get a Gig Guarantee is simple. Grab a copy of my Design Folio Firestarter guide and optimise your design folio.

If you don't score a freelance contract or a permanent role within 30 days I’ll refund 100% of your money.

It’s that simple. You win. I win.

The Get a Gig Guarantee ensures I’m creating the very best guide that will fire up your folio and get you paid today or I'll refund your money in full. Contact me here.

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🔒 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Design Folio Firestarter

2 ratings
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