Crazy Conversions

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Get more sales on your landing page​

The new playbook helping founders optimise their landing pages with science, psychology, and UX​ by Craig Barber.

Is this you?

"I've created an awesome product, have a landing page with a few visits…but the page just doesn't seem to be making sales?​"

"I'm spending valuable time and money to drive traffic to my landing page but I'm just not getting any sales!​"

"I'm building my first landing page, but I have no idea what to put on it and I really need some help?​"

What people are saying:


"I love books with actionable tips and this guide full of them. If you're building your first landing page, or your 10th you'll find lots of great advice."

Mubashar Iqbal,

Maker at Indie SaaS


"Craig Barber's straight forward approach to landing page design helped me step into my customers shoes and write copy that connected with them."

Ian Carr

Director of Marketing at Tulip Conference


"Craig has turned his extensive research of this crucial business subject into an actionable piece of content that is a must read."

Bram Kanstein



"Excited to see the magic happen with those fast fixes and templates. Here's to turning clicks into cha-chings!"

Alice Banners

Illustrator via Product Hunt


"It distills a LOT of the information i've learned over the years into a simple, easily consumable format. Much of the information is stuff I innately knew, without knowing i knew!!"

Alex Holt

Digital Maker via Product Hunt

Get more sales in 3 steps:​

1. Download

Grab your playbook and learn how to optimise your landing page

2. Optimise​

Tweak your landing page with our fast fixes and handy templates

3. Convert

Convert more visitors to customers on your landing page or your money back

Why you need this

Get more sales

Optimise your landing page with proven methods to increase sales

Save time

Use cheat sheets to reduce time spent on testing and iteration

Learn skills

Learn how to optimise any landing page with valuable knowledge

What's inside?

Proven examples

Browse dozens of high-converting landing page elements and examples to inspire you

Fast frameworks

Use easy-to-follow frameworks and templates to create high-converting elements

Handy checklists

Get surefire checklists that show you exactly which things you need and where to put them

Science-backed strategies

Use science-based techniques and strategies to create the most effective landing page elements

Persuasive psychology

Embrace human psychology to create massively influential landing pages that drive sales

Best in class UX

Discover the best user experience design methods used by top designers


🔒 Get more sales. Or your money back.

I’m so confident you will increase your conversions, if you don’t I’ll happily refund you in full. No questions asked. Simply email me within 30 days of your purchase and ask for your money back.

About the author

Hello! Craig Barber here, Senior Digital Product Designer and author of Crazy Conversions.

Throughout my career, I have generated over $2,000,000 in revenue while working for renowned brands such as Accenture, Sony, Samsung, Citi, PayPal, Nestle, and Marks & Spencer.

I have accumulated over 40,000 hours of real-world experience in UX and UI design including the creation and optimisation of high-converting landing pages and eCommerce flows.

Craig Barber

Senior Product Designer &
Author or Crazy Conversions

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Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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Crazy Conversions

5 ratings
I want this!